Sunday, December 29, 2002

5:40 pm
been away on a family sunday.. went to starbucks and sunday school and then to church, scurrying to find out acolyte stuff- ugh- i want my name OFF the list!!!! anyway, it all worked out though. sat with mollie and david and cole and people at church, not many people were there, very casual service, no choir, etc. then went to nana and pop pop's for a few minutes til 1 to see gabe and rebekah- then we went to the club and all of pop pop's family came down from AL. ate lunch in the bar room where there is stupidly a TV- get our family together and the guys won't leave it!! SOOOOO TERRIBLY ANNOYING!!!! that's probably the one thing i wish i could change about my family. the tv watching habits. but it was a good lunch. then went over to their house and hung out for awhile. in a little while gabe and bekah are gonna come over and watch "lotter" (haha mollie) with us. it is so enjoyable. we are not obssessed. just so ya know and are not disturbed. tomorrow morning we may go out to breakfast with them (i hope!) and i need to call elleny. miss her. tired eyes. peace out

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