Wednesday, December 04, 2002

4:43 pm
ah yes, j'ai oublie (with an accent aigu on the "e"), i was very proud of myself in chorus because i was the only soprano present to sing "cantique". and i sang it well too, in my opinion, even though i have a cold and disgusting stuff is definitely dripping down from my nose, major drainage, ok, you didn't need to hear that, but anyways, it was good. it's a really enjoyable song to sing, just a pain learning the notes as almost all songs are- i hate to sightread! ah well. at least i didn't need to learn the pronunciation very much cause i have been taking french for 3 years. wow, has it really been that long? yeesh, doesn't seem that long. sniff sniff sniff (that's my nose, not my sentiment). anyyyywaaaayyyyy.... christmas shopping, i need to get it done. i looove going to the mall and having a list of people to buy stuff for and hunting around for the perfect thing to get them- although sometimes purchasing items is not necessary. i need to think up some creative gifty things. which reminds me of the vesty things i need to knit for pigeons in the north decatur parking lot.. if i knew how to knit. which i do not, so that was random and here we go back to the topic: last year on the day before christmas eve, me and dad (gosh i am so bad at my grammar when i blog!! what the hell, no english til next semester- which is fast approaching, actually) went to the mall and split up and got presents for people. it was so great, i loved it. and i bumped into florence while i was there so that was cool too. this year i will have to do that, but maybe a bit sooner. ce weekend coming up is TRES busy, esp. sunday (of course)! eep, lessons and carols, i am acolyting, reading at both services, and singing with choir. PLUS it is a processional which i love, but wolcum yole is being sung before the processional i believe so i will have to race down there, then race back up to get in the front of the line. siigh. and another sniff (once again, nose). today at school was a bit of a surreal day, in the beginning of third period especially when i think about it.. i hope K is ok. yeesh, from what it sounded life has been harsh to her, surtout yesterday... god. yeah ok i probably need to go do something constructive and everything like that, and also quit tying up the phone line (WHEN WILL WE GET DSL?!!?! grrrrr daddy). and also do homework? ha, maybe. grades came out today, i'm doing fine.. hope i can keep that A in bio, that would be great. as johanna said once, "it's such an honor to get an A in that class.." so i have to ace the last major test and the final- nooo! everyone left me at lunch today! i felt alone. but then i went and bothered nazia with them, even though i didn't want to. sniff sniff. ooh, dark outside.. and cold. gotta get a kleenex, hehe. peace

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