Wednesday, December 18, 2002

4:27 pm
opening day for lord of the rings!!! YAY! i am going friday night as my reward for getting through the first semester of highschool and getting thru finals and most of all (for me), not being absent one day at all! that is the first time this has ever happened in my school career i think. ugh finals start tomorrow! biology and civics, scaaaary! esp. biology. i reallllly need to study. and talk to ellen. haven't talked to her very much in awhile and i miss that very much. gotta buy presents! and bake stuff for people i think. those brownies with cinammon are to die for... mmmm. call backs last night were fun, i think the musical is gonna be a great success. me and george were the only freshmen there. it was very enjoyable. and i have just forgotten the tune of one of them... but i had it stuck in my head all day. oh well. david should be home i think. ooh, breakfast club is tomorrow. i am gonna take the doggies on a walk avec mommy. salmon for dinner- BRAIN FOOD! boy do i need it. oh yes, i have had this blog for 10 months and one day. how interesting. lotsa stuff has happened. lotsa lotsa. week from today is xmas day!!! yayayayayay. peace to all, i love yall

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