Wednesday, December 04, 2002

4:20 pm
ahh all extra curriculars have been cancelled due to weather, no swim practice, yaaay! that means i can go to WNS and make an advent wreath! yaaay! it is COLD, so cold outside! it got worse all day. me and megan walked in when school started and it was about 40something degrees, but then we walked outside after first period and it was FREEEEEZING. jeeeez. but i love it, i hope it snows or we get iced in or something. that would be cool. i have a lot of tea so i'm covered. i have a headcold, a runny nose, grrr. but i went for a pneumonia recheck yesterday afternoon and good news- the dr. said i am in great health as far as my breathing goes!! he thought i would suffer some lung damage but i didn't! in his words- i dodged a big bullet, so another yay! 12 days of school left, dunno if i can take it... oh well. by now, stay warm
bless me!

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