Monday, December 09, 2002

4:17 pm
hi. 9 more days of school, dunno if clairey can stand it, she is wiped and has the busiest week ever coming up. wanna here about it? of course ya do, that's why you're at her website. ok, today she has to depart in about 20 minutes to go to chik-fil-a and get her dinner and then to school once more for a chorus practice from 5 to 7. well guess what? she can't stay the whole time because her dear little brother has a band concert at 7. so she is leaving the rehearsal at 6:15 in order to get to his concert on time. please note that clairey is also missing swim team practice in order to do all of this. oh, and also she remembered that tomorrow is the culture day for the french and spanish classes so dangit, she has to make fried canadian bread, which should be really yummy although she as homework to do as well. tomorrow she has a dr.'s appt. around 4 and then has to get to swim practice from 5:30 to 6:30. then at 7:30 we have the musical auditions for glenn youth, which will last til 9 or 9:30. whooopee. wednesday is her least-crowded day, with only swim practice at 5:30. thursday is the chorus concert at 7, and friday is the swim meet. unhhhh. i can't wait til next week, or maybe i can because it's finals, but college people are beginning to appear on the home front, joy! my jaw hurts AGAIN!!!! maybe marietta will know what to do demain. turned in rakers paper!! YAYAYA! except i have to present stuff on it tomorrow but after that it is OVER! although it counts 20% of my grade. ;) oh well. i think i did ok. katie is soooo lucky going to nyc to see les mis!! your nonbiological sister is extremely JEALOUS! :) but have a good time, you deserve the time off from college work!! can't wait to see all my home fries come next week or something. yesterday @ youth we practiced xmas musique!!!! YAY! makes me soo happy. and laura my corrupter was there! we were altos but also sopraltorbass or something craazy like that. i had the bass bart of ding dong stuck in my head today. we sang ding dong and still still still and stuff. that'll be awesome because all the alumni will be there including simmonses i hope!! siiigh with happiness for all of that. last night we played "honey if ya love me"!!!! i loooove it, especially when i don't smile and reject people! yes, isn't that cruel. austin got on my lap and everything but it did NOT work! (but i love my "brother" anyway)... and like last time when ann stripped! (she had a spaghetti strap under it) hahahahahahahahahaha ok i'll shut up now. gotta go do something like homework so i won't be up completely late!
ps. last night i went to bed @ 10:20 and it felt sooooo good! i love my bed :)

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