Thursday, December 05, 2002

4:10 pm
well of course the metro area didn't get snow or ice as usual so all my prayers and hopes and crossed fingers and toes were in vain for this to be a day off. GRRRR. i am headcoldy, sneezing and stuff. babysitting katie wachob tonight, should be fun i hope. i only have devoirs de francais! finished my bio. we disected a worm in bio too- interesting. i didn't realize worms had that much stuff inside them. these were mutant worms. paul isn't feeling well. that sucks. ugh friendship is still slipping away, sheesh and i do not know what to do too much about it. maybe just let it be and see what happens or something? i need to make a list of what people want for christmas so i can go shopping this weekend. lock in is tomorrow night, trying to decide whether to go or not. time to go. ciao

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