Tuesday, December 31, 2002

4:09 pm
i didn't write yesterday! ahh! hehe. yesterday was regular except ellen came over and we talked and stuff. walked around sms, that was nice. i needed my exercise. well today is the last day of the year, can ya believe it? it is nice to have a new start in 2003 though. almost a year since i got a blog- jeez! anyway, today went errand shopping with mom and mason and then went to panera (got a magazine featuring viggo aka aragorn aka strider... heeheehee). then came home and watched "a different world" (i'm glad i discovered that show when i was in the hospital, it's really funny!) and some other stuff. then just got back from walking the dogs and such. it is a really mild day, sort of like spring even. tonight is austin's basement party and i am going for awhile but i'll be at home for midnight because i will want to go straight to sleep afterwards. and hopefully this next year will be excellent! happy new year's eve everyone...

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