Sunday, December 15, 2002

3:20 pm
good day so far. met molls at starbucks, loooove talking to her, we don't do it enough, she's my rock and my stronghold and my sistah, yay! well they haven't posted the musical parts yet so i guess i'll see later. but we came to sunday school realllllly late and walked in on a discussion about getting high off aeresol and vodka and nalgene bottles... supposedly unbreakable but not (i think either taylan or ryan threw their's at swim practice and it cracked). walked to church, good ole austin, allie, addy, etc. were there and victor too because he spent the night at chris t's. and of course chris r. came late as usual, missing the peace. we actually got out at 12:03!!!! because wesley's sermon was only 21 minutes!! (and 33 seconds, says dad who timed it as well) then we went to chapter 11 and hung out until 1 when allison marie's birthday party at the club was.hadn't seen a lotta the family in awhile, since thanksgiving i guess, the many tiny cousins and stuff. good food though. am starting to think about the xmas eve service more and all the wonderful songs!! yay, 9 days from now! a year ago today we got destructo-doggie tansy. but we love her anyways. yaaawn... gotta go bake something for secret santa!! ACK! time is running out!!!

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