Sunday, December 01, 2002

2:25 pm
um, just to let ya know, that "10:36 pm" should be "10:36 AM"... yeah. anyway. went to lunch with mom at panera yesterday, came home, finished reading the stupid book for my stupid report, wrote 1 1/2 pages out of 3 of my report!! yay! just gotta finish that tonight. also gotta do biology, dang it. then last night went to nana's and ate dinner and wrote stuff down for the family newsletter, listened to "beauty and the beast", then put on mary's christmas cd and got out the nativity and other great christmas traditiony stuff. it was fun. then i called daddy and went home and we watched the lord of the rings but with the cast commentary, which is soooo cool. it sounds like they all had a great time working on the films, and now they are really close. tres neat. anyway, met molls at starbucks and hung out with her and cole, and the lady did NOT put a shot of espresso in my peppermint hot chocolate like last week, hehe, then we actually went to sunday school (gasp!) and david was there!! which was great, and NO he did NOT shave his head, yes he lied. haha. but i didn't really believe him. had sunday school, then walked to church, then sat in the balcony, it was a looong service because it is the first sunday in advent, then also wesley's sermon was 27 minutes (11:19 to 11:46 as timed by yours truly), then had communion (by intinction so it went faster but STILL), etc. it was good to have david home. then went to lunch. oh i am verrry happy because i just got an email from elizabeth and she said that she and rob are coming to the 11 oclock christmas eve service to sing w/ the youth!!!! happy happy happy!! ahh you guys i cannot wait til christmas. we have choir but no youth tonight. stupid "wolcum yole" and di is singing tenor and molls is singing 2nd so i am stuck in alto by myself!!! oh well. it's actually a cool song. anyways, gotta go... clairey

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