Saturday, December 21, 2002

10:51 pm
my god. the two towers was sooo amazing. if you don't want to hear what happens because you haven't seen it yet (go see it!! NOW!), then skip next group of sentences...

it was so awesome!!!!! wow. i can't decide which one i like better though. this one was definitely darker. but it had to be. new zealand is glorious. the actors have grown so much, and they did so well. i loved how it began with the same words it did in the first one. ("new line cinema presents... a wingnut film... the lord of the rings...") gollum is SUCH a complex and amazingly deep character. i am awestruck that tolkien created him and that peter jackson and andy serkis brought him to life as such as pitiable but hateable creature. jeez. just as gandalf says in the first movie, "he hates and loves the ring, just as he hates and loves himself..." and the audience hates and loves him as we watch him onscreen. he is such a schizo but they did such a wonderful job showing both sides. yeesh.. there's some powerful acting and computer generated stuff right there. all the other characters have changed too. aragorn is great (and HOTHOTHOT may i mention:D)... viggo mortensen is very intense and powerful in the role. he is really coming into his own as a king and a leader. he is faced by temptation in eowyn but he and arwen still belong together. and since i've read the books i know what happens.. hehehe... ahhh knowledge is power... ok i'll shut up. but i'm not done yet. legolas and gimli are WONDERFUL!!! they are soo great and this really shows how much they have grown closer to each other as friends. gimli provides a ton of the comic relief, even right before the battle of helm's deep. great. legolas is so intense (and orlando bloom is hot as well, may i say) and strong. i love how he says "you're late" to aragorn when he comes back from being thought dead. those three especially have really formed a special bond in the fellowship- they embody it as of now because the rest of it is pretty much torn apart. speaking of which, merry and pippin aren't as comic reliefy but they can't be in their situation. they have grown so very much in that they aren't as stupid (pippin) or wanting attention or acting immature. they are realizing the immensity of the war that is at hand and the parts they must play in it. treebeard and the ents are neato. their walking and "hoom"ing, etc. the flood at isengard is neat. and saruman's army of 10,000-god, i would be freaked out of my mind. the battle of helm's deep was really like "titanic", because of several aspects- #1, it has the same "captain": bernard hill was captain smith in titanic and is theoden king in this one! #2- he has the same dazed expression when he realizes how doomed they actually are #3- the men have to leave their families and go off to battle, even the boys #4- helm's deep was thought to be "unsinkable" if you will, but ended up falling anyway. i've heard that those battle scenes are some of the most spectacular ever filmed, and i say no contest. even though i hate war and blood and gore, some of the scenes are glorious. i can't imagine middle earth without the music. and you know what? i haven't even mentioned sam and frodo!!! i guess they're not as big a part of the movie, even though they are, they don't get as much screen time. frodo has changed of course- the ring got heavier as they moved closer to mordor. he even holds sam at knifepoint, which is the saddest thing in the world because sam has tears rolling down his cheeks- he is the most strong and caring character of them all. then he gets up and makes his monologue about good still being in the world and you just wanna hug him and say "go tell that to george bush and saddam hussein you wonderfully sweet hobbit you!" ahhhh..... and we have to wait til august for it to come out on dvd!!! dammit!!! :)

ok anyway back to all of you who DON'T want to know all of that stuff, i saw a ton of people that i knew. of course i always do at north dekalb. maggie, taylan, joanna, and then a whole group of guys- matt, liam, tyler, andy, mike k-g, lucas, ian, etc. etc. and wes and mason and joe webb and margaret b and mason knew some people too.
ok i am dead tired and i have to go shopping tomorrow so g'night. see lord of the rings and appreciate the amazing epic that it is.
-claire the elf lover :P

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