Monday, December 23, 2002

10:34 am
ahh, no school. nice. last night was fun, went to xmas parties and then to choir and then to youth. robert, david, and eric came along caroling with us, it was greatto have them back. but i think i am developing a cold- the day before xmas eve when i have to sing like CRAAAZY! ack!! drink tea, take vitamins, don't go outside with a wet head. hehe. ann was my secret santa and she gave me gel pens and candy!! YAY! i love gel pens. gotta wrap presents... and get some more! ahhhh christmas is most definitely sneaking up on us all. relaxation, relaxation. dirty glasses, newsprint on my nose.. i need to go shower and clean and take vitamins... and maybe go see lord of the rings once again, maybe, if i have time. we shall see. tonight is xmas eve rehearsal for about 2 hours, should be good times. mommy is baking, yumm yumm yumm.. those brownies with cinnamon are heaven!!!
yea, her sins our god will pardon, blotting out each dark misdeed,
all deserving divine anger, god no more will see or heed,
she hath suffered many'a'day, now her griefs have passed away,
god will change her pining sadness into everspringing gladness...
SQUEAK (but i don't!!!)

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