Wednesday, December 25, 2002

10:15 am
or something like that... anyway... MERRY CHRISTMAS MORNING EVERYONE!!!!!!! my brother woke me up at 7:18 this morning and i didn't get to bed til 1 aM or so this morning, so i'm going on 6 hrs of sleep which is a lot i guess so whatever. anyway- we've opened all the presents here and are heading over to nana and pop pop's in about 45 mins or so. but about last night- went to 5 o'clock service, was packed as usual, and everything went well. the energy packed into that place is fantastically huge. a large amount of babies crying. trio went well, esp. for not practicing beforehand. then saw katie and david and gave people presents, etc. then went back to our house for christmas dinner (sorry- have to interrupt- the rohan theme violin strings piece from the two towers is so amazing- howard shore is a musical genius, i hope you knew that already- and yes i did get the cd for xmas, listening to it down here on my new portable cd player, how nice)- we'd never done that before! nana, pop pop, simon, and logan joined us for salmon and chicken and scalloped potatoes and broccoli and cooked carrots and hot bread, etc. etc. and then brownies and pound cake and pumpkin and cherry pies. fun fun. then nn and pp and l and s took me to the fellowship hall around 9 pm where i met david, austin, and george walking up as well... reading something about furniture porn, but i won't go into that (????)... doesn't work to walk in on a conversation that's already going on... but never mind. katie and thomas of mcalister soon joined us and we hung out for about an hour, having good times... i love those guys and i am so happy that i got to spend time with them on xmas eve before everyone else got there. and molls and eric showed up too. david and austin of course had to drag me into a trashcan (inside) while they were at it, and sister katie was nice enough to snap a pic or two with my camera- but don't worry, they did the same to her and i snapped HER picture! hehe. can't wait til those come out. rob s. showed up too!!! YAY! good to see him, hadn't seen him in about 6 months. too bad sista e didn't show up though. oh well, i understand. talked to florence on the phone, even though she didn't come- i missed her but i completely understand. we had a zillion basses, two tenors (ha- falsetto man and george), 5 altos (YEA), and about 8 sopranos. sang "stillx3" (haha, made that one up myself), then sat together (eric, mollie, me, chris, becca, austin, rob reed, katie, and thomas) and wished each other merry christmas at midnight. love all of them, i'll get to see the college kids before they go because of church and austin's party and stuff. anyway, ok i got a lotta cool stuff. the two towers cd is amazing.. i have to go see it again, maybe with dad and logan and them. it is so amazing. listening to it maintenant. also got- a maeve binchey book, purple journal that i wanted (but not necessarily able to use yet because i am on my 3rd of the little black sketch books), french dictionary, joni mitchell cd (mollie will be so overjoyed), clothes (good clothes! mommy has good taste), book about LOTR (and i read it already, it's a verrry good book, answers some very cool questions), "rent" cd (and just last night mollie, katie, and david were singing- "december 24, 9 pm..." i haven't listened to it yet but i read some of the lyrics), dove candy (yummers), massage certificate (yay!), $$ (heehee), cd holder, etc. etc. etc. i can't remember now. mom and dad are out taking a brisk walk and then we're gonna get ready to head over to nana and pop pop's. i love going over there on xmas morn! and we are bringing the LOTR dvd so nana can watch it tonight. ok mom and dad are back, gotta go- merry christmas everyone, i love you guys!

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