Wednesday, November 20, 2002

9:46 pm
been studying for the big bio test... didn't go to the spaghetti dinner, went to cici's with paul and sarah instead w/ dad and mason. they have yummy pizza and dessert pizza and salads and pink lemonade. i have "just like a pill" by pink stuck in my head. talked to john tonight, and to ellen too. i'm glad i talked to her. she's awesome. the swim meet is tomorrow and i am a bit nervous but i just wanna get it over with. then i can enjoy everything because it will be friday the next day, then the weekend, then only 1 and 1/2 days of school until thanksgiving break and we all know how happy claire will be then. she has mentioned it in the past... gotta count... 3 or 4 blogs. yep. she is dying for a break from school. going over to nana's tomorrow before the meet, that'll be nice. no breakfast club tomorrow but that's fine, it means i can sleep in a bit later (yeah, til 7, big whoop). i got new prescription goggles for swimming and they are AMAZING. they are not fogging up and they are extremely clear and smaller.. ahh, nice. ok i need to go finish my studying so i can GO TO SLEEP! i am dead tired! love you all verrry much

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