Tuesday, November 26, 2002

9:45 pm
AHHH NO SCHOOL FOR 5 DAYS PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!! heeheeheee. love it love it love it. i did something a bit hard today but it was good for me. i am relieved now. anyway, early release day, me and ellen walked to willy's and ate and then jaywalked (hehe) over and looked at clothes and cds and then went to girard's (formerly known as the baskin robbins where all the glenn kids choir musical people ended up every year) and i got ice cream but elleny had willpower. then her mom picked us up and took us to my house where we hung out for a little while and then we walked to sms, to see if ms. logsdon was there but she wasn't, then through the woods to laurel ridge cause she had never seen it before, talked to ms. stanley for a bit, walked back through the woods, back to sms, saw paul, walked to my house. pheew. she left, i spent a lot of the afternoon watching "friends" tapes with mason and his two friends. my favorite tv show, it's hysterical. daddy is back from his quick trip to dc. yay. maybe panera for lunch tomorrow, that would be tres excellent. i need to call megs. and other people to get together with this week. safe journey to my "brother" david tomorrow night. YAWN
peace everyone, life is good!

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