Tuesday, November 05, 2002

8:55 pm
yaaaawn. done with my homework, time for bed... i am losing my voice.. noooooo... have to be at school early for language club pictures, 7:30 is a stupid time if you ask me. very very stupid. well election results are beginning to come back in... i should probably have paid more attention to the issues of the candidates but all i have gotten is a bunch of crap on tv about the bad things they've done, thanks to their opponents. god, do people really want to be a politician that bad to say bad things about their opponent? i hope never to be a politician. it doesn't seem like a very cool thing to be, except you could make a lot of good happen. but it seems like 99.9% of the politicians that i have ever heard of/seen/etc. have lied at least once during their time in office or before an election. i dunno. cough. cough cough. grrrrooooannn. when i try to squeak or make a high laughing sound, no noise comes out. maybe i will just type out all the stuff i wanna say. haha. i am gonna go sleep nowwww... if i can. bleeech voice losing is NOT cool... although being silent can be nice.

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