Wednesday, November 06, 2002

8:34 pm
wow i am done w/ my homework and everything and i am soooo tired so guess what?!!?!? i get to go to sleeeeeep!!! happy happy siiiigh. ah i value my sleeptime soo much. my back is a little sore and my arms and stuff cause of swim team but i swam well tonight i think. 50s are getting easier for me, and that means that 100s are too. i got a foot cramp during practice though, it HURT!!!! but it got better. i am reading the second alanna book, thanks for loaning it to me elleny because of course it took me from may to november to finish the first one and now i am on page 79 already after she gave it to me this morning!! it is goooooood. ugh i have a fundraiser due tomorrow for chorus, i am SO not a fundraiser person. oh well. i do not care. we are probably going to montreal for french!! coooool! which reminds me i should probably make some posters for the meeting on monday. ciao, peace, happiness, and sleep!
love to all,

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