Friday, November 22, 2002

7:54 pm
de la paisible nuit... nous rompons le silence, divin sauveur, jet te sur nous les yeux, divin sauveur jet te sur nous les yeux ("cantique de jean racine" or as soffe likes to say, CAAN-TEEQUE JEEN RAYCEEN)... ahhhhhhhhhh thank god it is friday. pheww. got home, took motrin for my headache, put easy bake cookies in the oven, turned on "friends", and crashed. ah how nice. having ham and corn/peas for dinner (paul- corn + peas= ....hehe ok we are very stupid and immature). today during 4th period there was a mock car accident on the PE field and we all went down and watched but it was really boring and ineffective because you couldn't see unless you were in the front "row" of people, it was freeeeeeeeeezing cold, and most people just stood around and talked. and froze. mommy had the nerve to call last night during intermission of "the producers"!!!! grrr- just kidding, i know she is having a wonderful time and i just really want to be there with her but she will be back tomorrow so yay. tomorrow morning youth is going to visit shut-ins and rake leaves and stuff so i am going to that around 10 and then going to nana and pop pop's house afterwards.. then mom is coming home later. i have a lotta work this weekend, especially in citizenship (haha what a surprise- NOT), so i need to get started on that possibly tonight. (gasp! claire is thinking about not procrastinating?!? no way!!!) then on sunday we are singing at BOTH services so we all have to be at the sanctuary at 7:55 IN THE MORNING!!! oh well. it'll be fun. i have a poem:
slipping away,
more every day,
why is it turning out this way,
why are you going so far away,
what am i supposed to say?
leave you alone and go away,
or stand firm like i'm here to stay,
because I know that come what may,
i'll be here, tomorrow and today...
no matter what you say...
or don't.

by the way, swim team won the meet!

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