Wednesday, November 27, 2002

6:50 pm
bonjour, first day of holidays went ok. woke up at 9:30, showered, ate breakfast, cleaned my room, lunch, went to the library with mom, chapter 11, tj maxx, then walked to julia's in the freezing cold to help her with her self-esteem video. laura is home from college so it was good to see her. ugh i think i have procrastinated again with rakers' project. i just cannot wait til this semester is over because over christmas i need to just really relax and have no work. tomorrow will be my non-work day because i'll probably be over at nana and pop pop's most of the day anyways. mmm pumpkin pie from oak grove market is yummmy. we got a dvd/vcr today!!! and daddy also got the extended version of lord of the rings! cooool!! i like our new big red sofa. minestrone for dinner, ciao mon amis. hope everyone who is traveling is safe.
peace and happy thanksgiving,

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