Thursday, November 28, 2002

6:40 pm
whoa it feels like 9 pm, really late. anyway, today was fun. went over to nana and pop pop's about 1:15 and stayed til about 45 minutes ago. had yummy turkey, gravy, stuffing, rice, broccoli casserole, bread and butter, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes with sinfully sweet stuff on top, and carrot cake. and now pumpkin pie when i got home, that stuff is addictive!!!!! thank goodness there's only one piece left. hehe. watched some tv this afternoon, oprah had the harry potter kids on her show. now everyone has an excuse to play christmas music and actually start the christmas tree sales. it was a bit overboard before thanksgiving. i am thankful for: this country that i live in, the freedom that comes with it, my wonderful family, my health (yes we all remember what happened in april, just skim my archives), my friends who are the best in the world, my education, my home, my puppies, writing utensils, books, warm beds, my faith, God, my "brothers" and "sisters", laughing hysterically, inside jokes, my church, my youth group, singing, music, good yummy food, chocolate, baby cousins, this world, new beginnings and even endings, experiences (good or bad), happy grins, holiday seasons, winter, spring, summer, fall, love, warmness, coolness, sanity, tranquility, homecomings, reunions, gatherings of every size and sort, and so much much much more. :)
peace be with you

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