Monday, November 18, 2002

6 pm
well guess what, i was a bit stupid you guys. i was up doing my poster until 1 AM!!!!! ahhhhhck! then i went to sleep til 6 am and woke up again to finish it!!! double accck! oh well, it is done now, but i was stupid to wait that long i guess. whoops. there's a lesson learned. i think i am going to stick w/ swim team. we don't have practice today because of parent teacher conferences so that is nice, i don't have much homework so i've been lying around in bed. yay. and INFINITE YAYS AND YEAS AND CONGRATS TO MOLLS WHO GOT INTO LES MIS!!!! :-D:-D:-D january is OPEN! (i called you but you weren't home) happy happy. i really can't wait til thanksgiving, that will be a great break. ok i am done now, it is freeeezing outside! brrr. peace

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