Friday, November 01, 2002

4:50 pm
ah, it's friiiiiiday!!!! got checked out after 3rd period (watched "gattaca"...- guanine-adenine-thymine-thymine-adenine-cytosine-adenine- a bit of a chilling movie but very good), got chik-fil-a, went home, then went back to the gap to get more jeans and clothes for winter... then to the dr. for my flu shot. waited 30 mins there, was a huge crowd. oh well, it's friday. may have to go to savannah this weekend although i do not really want to- i adore it there but i have a bit of work and it is for my bro's soccer game and he has been sick (still is) so he might not even play.. we shall see. panera tonight for dinner, c'est possible! hope everyone had a safe halloweeny night... me and elleny walked around our street (i was a last-minute, drug-free gypsy and she was a "guy dressed like a girl"- aka she wore her regular clothes), got candy from about 9 or 10 houses and just skipped the rest because we were talking and stuff. came home, watched "friends", looked at old emails, talked, and all that good stuff that i love to do with her. yesterday i was not feeling so good, like a sinus headachey cold thingie (j'avais mal a la tete! and j'avais aussi mal a la gorge! oh la la!)... but not anymore, i am feeling good and dosing up on good ole vitamin C and motrin and water and stuff like that. oh, and apples. gala apples rock. yum yum yum. i have that funky monkey song by the beastie boys (someone told me that is who did it) stuck in my head.. they played it at homecoming, it is a pretty good song. i might want to go upstairs and watch lord of the rings after i am done with this, i haven't done that in a long while. but i have the soundtrack now so i have been listening to that a lot. sighsighsighsighsighsighsigh. i am trying to write a bit longer than i usually do because, number one, i used to, and number two, i just feel like it, and number three, it looks cool, and number four, i like to type. it is such wonderful, gorgeous weather outside. loverly. blue sky, wind, looow humidity (thank god), turning leaves, barely any clouds... yay. i am replying to sister katie's email at the momento. foxtrot is the best comic strip ever. read it- it is hysterical. ok i finished my email to katie and it is 5:05 so yeah i am probably going to stop now. think this was long enough? i do... ciaooooooooo

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