Wednesday, November 06, 2002

4:25 pm
sore city, here i come... haha i think that is funny, i wrote it to michael in an email... because of swim team. i am sore and i will be sore after practice tonight. but hey, it's cool. i am a bit weary but at least i am not sick like a lot of people. my brother is sick again!!! he has a sinus infection, he went to egleston this morning. yikesss we all know how much i loooove that place! (sarcasm, although it wasn't that bad once i was settled in my bed with nick at nite on and visitors!) and megan told me that bo p-h had to go to the emergency room last night because of her tonsils or something!!! ahhh!! state is on saturday!!! i hope she doesn't miss it! kat is sick too and martha and lizzie and maggie were all sick on monday but are back today. jeeezy petes. i have been taking vitamin c a lot. but my voice is going... ahhhh... cannot sing... whatever. republicans are in control now. a lot of people i know are very upset about that and even though mes parentes are democrats and i guess i am, i don't really know the issues that a lot of the republicans support. i think that even though they are in control of the state or whatever doesn't mean that this country is a terrible country... those people who went out and voted yesterday showed how they felt- that is what is supposed to be democracy and it is! a lot of teens i know don't like how the government is running things.. but i think they are doing better than some other countries and i don't think we should focus on the bad stuff. then again, i am an optimist. siiigh. freedom is taken for granted too much. see, i can write all this stuff adn i won't get arrested and executed!! :) just kidding. bye now

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