Monday, November 11, 2002

4:20 pm
the retreat was fun. it wasn't as nice a place as last year but oh well. we had fun in the bus. played psychiatrist again on friday night, hehe. i think the best parts were having 2 hours of free time out on the field and people playing football and me and cole and christina going "ain't no competition like the real competition cuz the real competition is the GLENN YOUTH GROUP!" and hanging out with drums and watching buffy spin nathan around and both of them getting really dizzy and talking to alex about colleges and stuff. good times. what annoys me so much though is how a lot of the people talk about others behind their backs!!!! they are sooo hypocritical. they talk about loving and being nice and not always hanging out with your friends and then they go and talk cruelly about others and they think appearance is everything. they always hang out with each other, never wanna hang out with the younger youth... they are such idiots sometimes. also some of them don't seem to have much common sense as far as their decisions go. they piss me off so badly at times, i just want to yell at them. that was claire's rant of the day. ok today was fine and there is no swim practice today because we have a meeting at 7 tonight. so good. oh yeah i forgot the other best thing about the retreat... it was very small but it meant a lot to me. there were a ton of cds there so music was playing all the time. someone put in the "joseph" cd and then all the youth who were in it just started singing. it was interesting because most of them usually groan and say "ugh we heard this so many times and i am sick of it and i never want to hear it again" but this time they all just started singing. and then we started acting some of it out. it was very special for me because i loved doing it so much and i hate to hear people always putting it down and being annoyed by it afterwards, like it was just a month-long thing. i mean, i know it was but it was more for me. so that was really nice and moving for me... because that year was probably my best year in youth so far. just because. ok that is all now. peace

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