Monday, November 04, 2002

4:20 pm
hola, no school tomorrow because it is election day all around the country. ugh i do not want a governor named "sonny"- hopefully it will not happen. today is my first swim team practice so everyone please wish me luck, as i have not been in a competitive swimming race or practice in about a year and a half. ahhhhhh! oh well, gotta start somewheres. anyways, a lot of people are getting sick. i hope i do not get sick. i have been taking vitamin c daily and stuff. last night at youth was so much fun, we played "psychiatrist"!!!! like we did on youth week!! (ok i didn't actually play it on youth week but i heard a lot of talk about it) it was so much fun- it was a huge group because it was a parent/youth pow wow. we all pretended to be the person on our right... and brian and andy were the psychiatrists. it was hilarious because any kid who was sitting next to an adult on their right had to say that they were married! and george (the counselor) was pretending to be gabrielle and brian asked him if he got drunk a lot and george said "yes, oh yes" and we were all cracking up, looking at gabrielle because he was talking about her and finally she got up and yelled "PSYCHIATRIST!!" and we all switched places. it was fun fun fun. yaaaawn. ok i am done now. hopefully swimming will be good for me (it'll HURT though!!!).. peace yalllll- get out there and VOTE!

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