Thursday, November 14, 2002

4:19 pm
hi, c'est jeudi! that means tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! ahhhh merci mon dieu. dogs are barking crazily, hm, maybe mom and mase are home... lemme go check. hold on a sec. wow i am so right, haha. ugh i have work to do. grr. tomorrow night i am probably going to one acts and then saturday night harry potter with john. reminder- call mollie about breakfast sunday morning. we put a birthday shoutout on WDHS for megs tomorrow! (shh!) heeheehee sneaky. today was ok, that important friendship issue is still on the table but i can't pass it to the person. i need to though. i will i will i will, i promise i will...soon. swim practice is later, and we need to pick up my pictures from the retreat. ok that is all. ciao all

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