Thursday, November 07, 2002

4:11 pm
the "friends" theme song is playing in the background.. it is a thursday... swim practice is soon.. i have bio and citizenship homework... haven't packed for the retreat... not good nor bad, just facts of life. hahea. nice, cool, gorgeous day. reminds me to bring warm clothes to put on after swim practice on the way out to the car. cold cold COLD! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS GLORIOUS RETREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just want to sit in the back of the van or bus with allie and megan and martha and my friends and talk talk talk about everything and relax and have fun with my home fries. god, how wonderful. but first is school tomorrow... hehe. but me and megs and buffy are probably going over to the yaab right after school, so yey! bo p-h has mono!!!! NOOOOO! state is this weekend dammit! i feel soo bad for her. grrr. i finished the second alanna book last night! it is awesome, elleny try to remember the 3rd one tomorrow!!! good book. ok gotta go... peace yall!

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