Tuesday, November 12, 2002

4:03 pm
normal tuesday, ah, i don't know what to write. hrm. i have the "kyrie" stuck in my head from the 1960something black and white film version of "lord of the flies" which is a really freaky movie... we watched it in citizenship. shudder shudder. it has been stuck in my head ALL DAY and in everyone else's too.. oh well. swim practice is tonight, ew have a lot of meets. i am sort of nervous about them and esp. how much time they will take up but i am going to stick with this and earn my picture in the yearbook (haha) and feel good about myself afterwards. well rachael is on the team so that will be fun and other people too (like becky the vegan, mollie). salmon is probably for dinner tonight, super yay!! yum yum yum. i hope i can get to sleep sort of early tonight. oh, mes parents got a queen-sized bed today so i get their double instead of my twin! then mason gets two twin beds. lots of furniture switcheroos going on. randomness.

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