Sunday, November 24, 2002

2:15 pm
mom came back from new yawk last night and brought me the beauty and the beast cd from broadway!! oh joy!! this is my favorite song from it, the one that left me reeling after i saw the show in ireland.
"if i can't love her" (sung by the beast) music by alan menken, lyrics by tim rice
and in my twisted face,
there's not the slightest trace,
of anything that even hints of kindness,
and in my tortured shape,
no comfort, no escape,
i see, but deep within is utter blindness.
as my dream dies,
as the time flies,
love a lost illusion,
cold and driven,
to this sad conclusion...
no beauty could move me,
no goodness improve me,
no power on earth, if i can't love her.
no passion could reach me,
no lesson could teach me,
how i could have loved her and make her love me too,
if i can't love her then who?
long ago i should have seen,
all the things i could have been,
careless and unthinking, i moved onward...
no pain could be deeper,
no life could be cheaper,
no point anymore, if i can't love her,
no spirit could win me,
no hope left within me,
hope i could have loved her and she would set me free,
but it's not to be,
if i can't love her,
let the world be done with me!

ah, it's even more amazing set to music and the most amazing when you see it onstage. anyways, got up at 7 this morning (groan), showered, ran off to church to be there for both services. singing with the chancel choir just reminded me how much i love to belt it out and sing. i can't wait til christmas eve and the processional and singing "oh come all ye faithful" as loud as i possibly can. i wait with eager anticipation for that day! a month from today actually, oooooh!!! :-) anyways, went to the club, had extremely excellent food today. salmon, gratin potatoes, salad, bread, pasta, heath bar pie, etc. etc. etc... yummers. now i need to get to work on my terribly annoying rakers homework because there is no way i am staying up as late as i did last sunday night. tonight is bring a friend to youth night, ellen is coming. fun. ok bye, listen to some beauty and the beast. you'll be glad!

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