Sunday, November 17, 2002

12:44 pm
ahhh i love home so much. yesterday went to krispy kreme in the morning then dropped dad off at nana's because my cousin got married yesterday and they went to the wedding in tennessee. came home, watched "friends" tapes, ate, procrastinated, rested, finally printed off some stuff for my "6 kingdoms of life" poster due tomorrow (whoops), then went to chik-fil-a, then went to see "harry potter" with john. it is a really good movie but it is loong. then went home and watched "viccar of dibley" (the one where alice and hugo get married) and a bit of another britcom and went to bed. i now have a double bed instead of a twin because my parents got a queen sized earlier this week so i get their old double and mason gets two twins. so my new double bed is on the floor and i got to sleep on the floor last night, it was really cool, i like it. this morning i got home and showered and then went to starbucks avec dear old molls who i miss getting to see a lot of. cole and daniel were there too and they sat with us, kathleen said hello too. i got a peppermint hot chocolate (yummm) and a bagel. then we walked around and skipped sunday school (ooh bad us) and me and mollie talked some. good good. then went to church and sat up in the balcony with molls, megs, cole, chris, george, and daniel. di(ane), alex, and ann were there too for some of it. we got out before 12!!! gasp! because wesley wasn't preaching. now i am home and need to figure out something to eat although i am not really that hungry anyways and then work work work REALLLLLLLLLLY badly and hard on my poster so i can maybe get an early bedtime tonight after youth... then i think either today or tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of forrest's death so leslee is having her potluck today and we are going to that before choir and then we are going to go to choir and youth. phew. i cannot wait til thanksgiving break, i am so looking forward to that. people will be home from college and there will be a lot of family time and coldness and winteryness. then christmas, yea, even better. uh i am getting a bit ahead of myself. ugh our first swim meet is on thursday and i reallllly do not want to do it but i have to and stuff. it is only til january or february. but still. ok i cannot waste anymore time on this because i need to eat and work. peace all

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