Monday, October 21, 2002

9:55 pm
hi i feel like writing again. went to the french dinner, we had an extremely good turn out! me, ellen, paul, john, justin, philip, marlin, mme jules, her son (son fis), and some parents. it was yummy. i had trout and a crepe with chocolatey stuff inside. and water. and milk. and i still have to do biology homework (we got home about 30 minutes ago). grr. still have that song stuck in my head (see first entry of today). haha! hey ellen! if you put salt on that chocolatey goop it gets hot! try it sometime! or guess what- ketchup works even better! ok i'll stop now. yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn... and i could go on... but i won't. ok, g'bye and g'night, i have to go find information on stephen sondheim, finish my bio worksheet, and clean out my geography binder because we are starting citizenship along with this HUGE project due at the end of the semester. oh joy.

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