Sunday, October 13, 2002

9:40 pm
bonjour, very good sunday. went to starbucks, mom waited out in the car while i got my regular of a bagel w/ cream cheese and a tall hot chocolate, and when i walked back out to open the door guess what happened? the door started closing again (the car was on a semi-steep place) and so i stumbled and spilled hot chocolate alllllllll over my GRAY shirt!!!!!! ok correct me if i'm wrong but i seriously think that i have a magnetic attraction to hot chocolate when it comes to spilling things. i was soooo pissed!!! grrrr. but then we went into the bathroom at the yaab and my cleaned it off (she's soo awesome with water and soap! hahaehe). then went to sunday school, we were "JV playing up varsity today". i love mac! he's awesome, he said he didn't mind if we went to sr. high. so today we had a good fun time talking about beliefs and doubts and questioning and all that good stuff that i love to talk about. then went to church, didn't sit up in the balcony with my peeps because not many of them were there and because our cousin from england is in town and a lot of other relatives came in to see him. also, KATIE WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my nonbiological big sis is home for fall break! happy day. :D she was sweet enough to get me this way cool set of beads for making chokers! love her soo much. then went off to lunch, had a lotta people there from the fam. good times. then back over to nana and pop pop's house to hang out, and then me and gabe and rebekah went to the imax show of "lewis and clark". it was amazing, i love imax! i have never really been through the western usa so i must go sometime. it's really hard to believe that they made that looong trek. and i learned the RIGHT way to pronounce sacagawea's name-- SA-CA-GA-WAY-A. i was always saying the "g" sound like a "j" sound. but anyway. then gabe and rebekah dropped me off at choir- wes is back from italy! we practiced, and seriously, me and di(ane) DEFINITELY need to sit together when we sing "balm in gilead" because we need to elbow each other like crazy when we start to sing the part we're not supposed to! then walked across the street to the dear beloved yaab and ate pizza and sang songs and stuff. the jr. highs then made movie skits and the sr. highs had some kind of program... I CANNOT WAIT TIL AFTER XMAS WHEN I AM ACTUALLY CONSIDERED A "SR. HIGH"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sheesh. so now we are home and we have our english cousin here and it's cool because we usually don't have guests. yaaaaaaaaaawn. french club mtg. tomorrow morning- which reminds me, i gotta call julia. ciao darlings

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