Monday, October 28, 2002

8:37 pm
this may sound a bit weird, but i just started singing a spice girls song for some reason. whatever, who knows where these things come from. anyway, i was done w/ my homework around 7!!! only had 3 biology worksheets. and i guess i should find out a little about designer babies for citizenship if i have time (grr). my glasses are dirty. maybe someday i will write a book in french, when i actually speak french fluently. i think that would be tres cool. yawn. lord of the rings has an amazing soundtrack if any of you deprived chillins out there have never heard it. glorious musique. go howard shore for winning an academy award for best original score- it rocks my face off! i just read through 2 old journals. the first one was from about november of last year to the beginning of march of this year. it has a lot of dreams that recorded. i think i should start doing that again, it is really interesting because when i read back over them i actually remembered them and what they were like. i hope i have a dream tonight so i can do that. the only thing is a hate waking up at like 3 am and having to write it down so early and wasting precious sleep time. yepyepyep. ok it is 8:45, my dad might call from outta town soon (glad they caught the snipers before he went to baltimore). and i need to shower and sleep. i have eaten a lot of cookies today, yum! love to all,

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