Thursday, October 24, 2002

5:13 pm
hi, what is up everybody? well tomorrow is friday. thank god. i need it to be a weekend! tonight i have a chorus paper to do and other stuff like that. yeah. not cool. this is what happens to procrastinators. oh well, it's not so bad. i am wearing my nice soft leopard spotted pants from old navy that i got for my birthday. ahhh, they make me want to go take a nap! i got home a little late because me and lizzie and ronnie went to laurel ridge to see ms. stanley. i feel so huge and tall walking thru those halls. i used to be so tiny! but schools have definitely gotten better as i've moved up. some sort of minstrone soup with sausage for dinner tonight. breakfast club was this morning, me, shannon, bryn, daniel, reid, and cole. new "friends" tonight! florence and i are gonna "do lunch" on saturday! yay! i've missed her and i'm glad it can work out because i would have had to wait til christmas otherwise. which reminds me, we started holiday music in chorus today! so soon, but i love it. we are singing "carol of the bells" and stuff. gotta love it. peace mes amis

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