Thursday, October 31, 2002

4:39 pm
happy halloween. ellen is coming over around 5:30 and we have to decide what to be and then we are going trick or treating in my neighborhood... should be fun. very fun, i haven't gone trick or treating in 2 years. not because i am "too old" or whatever, just because i wanted to SLEEP and hang out and stuff. next year it will be on a friday.. tres cool! today was a better day than yesterday (see below mad rant), basically because it was SOFTER! more control in citizenship since ms. rakers moved a lot of people around and stuff. and then in french she actually wrote several people up but believe me, it was quieter after that! and we watched some of "chocolat", a really good movie and an even better book. in biology, we took THE major test... i think i got a B or better. ugh the walker texas ranger theme song is in my head... grrrrrrr. :) hehe. i have a little bit of homework but not too much. ugh and in chorus we started the stupid fundraiser thing for the trip to destin and the awards banquet. the awards banquet sounds cool but i am not gonna go to destin because i have several friends in chorus (soffe, cean, airlia, rachael, etc.) and i don't think a lot of them are going and i don't really wanna go to destin and miss school (yes the nerd perfectionist speaks) and it would be a waste of $300 etc. blah blah blah. i am talking to allie. huzzah, david is coming home for thanksgiving, yey! yawn. not much homework but some.. maybe i will procrastinate. :)
have a safe night everybody out there!

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