Thursday, October 17, 2002

4:35 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!! hee hee. today has been a good day soo far. this morning i went to breakfast club and they gave me a card and then when i ordered my egg biscuit they brought it with a candle stuck in it and all of my friends sang happy birthday! i felt special :). thanks amy and everyone else! then i went to school and boy is it cold outside! went to classes, etc. etc. and had a good day. then we had the homecoming parade. it was really good EXCEPT- our devil head fell off right after it started!! grrr. but they got it back on. all the floats were really good. ellen is making a blog! yay! tonight is the chorus concert... groan. i mean, i don't really mind except i don't want to go BACK to school on my birthday. tomorrow night we are going to mick's for dinner. sooo that's all but today is a gorgeous day!
claire the birthday girl person

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