Monday, October 28, 2002

4:25 pm
wow, these pillsbury cookies are AMAZING. hehehehe yumm yumm yumm... siigh. it is raining and has been for awhile. lalalalalala. talking to david. i am already thinking about christmas, i can't wait. ok this is an extreeeeemely random blog so far so i might as well.. keep going, i suppose! soo. only bio homework tonight, yay. david is explaining to me about "the virgin suicides", which is what johanna explained today at the first girl kills herself. oh joy, oh elation, oh goodie. last night eric came to youth!!! he was home for fall break! it was great to see him. we had our annual pumpkin carving contest. fun fun. also we think we decided on the play.. "children of eden". yeah, no one's ever heard of it but from what i've read, it sounds cool. we shall see. ok now i am done. ta ta, ciao, bye now

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