Thursday, October 10, 2002

4:20 pm
ahhh demain c'est vendridi! and also my birthday party. yay. school is fun, i really like it. except for a lot of work and all. but i guess you have to deal with that. ugh stupid congress should NOT support the president on war w/ iraq.. stupid stupid stupid. grrrrrrrrr. float building starts tomorrow but i am not going to go tomorrow because of my birthday party and stuff. i'll go next week. our english cousin is coming into town tomorrow to stay. my weekend is semi-busy- friday- birthday party; saturday- pumpkins (w/ chris t.) in the morning, possibly homecoming dress shopping in the afternoon, family gathering for donald in the evening; sunday- regular sunday routine: starbucks, sunday school, church (katie will be home!!!!!!! :D), lunch, home, choir, youth. sigh. hope the "friends" episode is good tonight. i have bon jovi stuck in my head. but earlier today, airlia got that drug-free song from 5th grade stuck in my head, "d- i won't do drugs, a- won't have an attitude, r- i will respect myself, e- i will educate me now...." oh yeah- it was called "dare", i remember now. and we all wore red shirts and sunglasses. such a loong time ago. i have to finish making my DNA model today, i think i will go with the one i started making out of twizzlers last night. well... peace to all of you out there reading this from your computer screen...
birthday countdown- a week from today! 7 DAYS!

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