Monday, October 21, 2002

4:19 pm
hiiii everybody especially soffe because she wants to be in my blog!! and she actually reads it so i feel happy. just so yall know, she is very cool. we have fun in chorus. i took candid pictures of her playing blackjack on alex's cell phone today. $$$$, hee hee. can't wait to get them developed! hehe. she had a cool hairstyle going on at homecoming. ok anyways today was monday (bllaaah) and the geo final was today but it wasn't as bad as i tho't but now we have this HUGE citizenship project due at the end of the semester. grr. french was fine, biology was a bit looong but whatever, then lunch, then chorus, now home. later the french club is going to violette's for dinner. yumm. i have that song, "and these are the moments i know heaven must exist and these are the moments i know all i need is this.. i've found all i've waited for... and i could not ask for more.." stuck in my head and i have for most of the weekend, i think because they played it at the dance. ok that is all because i want soffe to see this!! (and hi to elleny and whoever else reads this) peace

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