Monday, October 07, 2002

4:15 pm
ugh i do NOT wanna go BACK to school for chorus practice. hmph. i want to stay home. anyway, last night was PUMPKINS! it was sooo much fun. got into the truck and got slimy and wet and muddy and scratched up but sang songs like "american pie" and "love shack" and stuff. good times, good times. took us about 2 and 1/2 hours and of course we all start banging the inside of the truck when we got the last pumpkin out. we found 2 white "albino" pumpkins- way cool. austin and i had a semi-war where we smeared our dirty hands all over the backs of each other's shirts. chris asked if i was in a tight spot and i said "yes! dammit!" because it's part of the joke. thomas stuffed one whole piece of pizza in his mouth at once, several times. me and bo yelled "microsoft- WORD!" a lot too. hahahahaheeeeee. gotta love glenn youth. oh yea and marty and victor came too of course and we got our fair share of newsies in on the way home. eric wasn't there! gasp- it's not pumpkins without him, nor the college freshmen/sophomores... but for those of you who know what i am talking about, there is another unloading on sat. oct. 19 in the morning. ahhh i love it. but groooan-- i am soooo sore. and i have cuts on my hands and just plain SORE SORE SORE. today was french club, took pictures and talked about homecoming and other stuff. we are having london broil for dinner tonight! yumm. can't wait for college people to come home for fall break. and another piece of good news! i got a 90 on my big bio test!!!!!! joy, elation, goodies! 89 + 90 = 179 divided by 2 = 89.5, my exam average! 40% of my grade... relief. ok i gotta get outta here... to all my wonderful friends/"brothers"/"sisters" no matter where in the world you are at this moment, or what you are doing (besides reading my blog, he he): i love you all so much- you make me so happy, know that always.
claire, clairey, clarice, clairepear, clairebear, etc. etc. etc.

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