Monday, October 14, 2002

4:15 pm
hola, ahhh only 3 days left of school this week (no school friday, that's probably when i'm gonna do my homecoming dress shopping, haha). today was tacky day but i wasn't extremely tacky, what the heck. tomorrow megs and i are gonna be twins- youth week t-shirts, jeans, pigtails. also tomorrow is the psats, grrrrr. but that means missing geography! yeeha! ugh i have a chorus rehearsal at 5, dang it. don't wannnna gooooo (whine whine). the-ere is a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalm in gile-ad to make the wound-ed who-ole, the-ere is a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalm in gile-ad to heal the sinsick soooouuuuul.

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