Wednesday, October 16, 2002

4:11 pm
hi, guess what, tomorrow is my birthday!!!!!! yay. and also the homecoming parade (waffle the warriors... yee ha), AND the chorus concert (grr). so yeah. i don't have too much work, thank goodness. tonight is WNS and i am going to youth council meeting for a little while to fill in for chris. oh- i got my homecoming dress last night. extremely pretty, black, stretchy, sleeveless (but not spaghetti strap), a little above the knees, and the best part- $14 BUCKS! no, i did not go to last chance. it was at parisian- priced down from $40 to $20 and then the guy rang it up and said "oh, it's $14." hey, i have NO problem with that. but i don't have shoes and i need a jacket-like thing because it is COLD today and i hope it will continue to be. but it's not raining. it is glorious outside, so beautiful. blue skyyy and wind and sun and cold. ah, loverly. another pumpkin unloading is on saturday morning... i need the exercise! peace everybody.

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