Saturday, October 05, 2002

3:11 pm
ahhhhhhh weekends. told momma goodbye this morning around 9, her girls group is going up to a lake somewheres. then daddy and brother went to brother's soccer game so i watched different segments of the academy awards from different years for about 2 hours. waaay too much tv. oh welllll. read reader's digest, ate turkey, pasta, and an apple, and of course chocolate pound cake w/ ice cream. very yummy. tonight i am sleeping over at nana and pop pop's because daddy wants to ref some soccer games early demain matin. i need to get out and WALK! i have fallen by the wayside as far as that goes. ha, did i tell you i had a dream about running a cross country meet the other night? maybe it was a sign... or no... we shall see. hehe. i am kicking my legs up and down under the desk for no reason at all, maybe because it's a bit fun. tomorrow we are unloading PUMPKINS!!!! yay. i love it. birthday countdown- 12 DAYS!

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