Sunday, October 27, 2002

2:20 pm
hiii i need to do some homework and maybe i will take a nap if i have time. went to starbucks, then to church because we sang in choir- "balm in gilead". ugh some of the sevvies were annoying me because proper choir etiquette was not used... wes will be pissed at 5 o'clock, i'm sure. grrrr. i think i am going to go to swim team practice tomorrow if i can. the exercise shall be good pour moi. last night was the drumming thing; i went with ellen and megan happened to come too! it was fun.. and loud.. and loooooong. but good times. i have the shire tune from the lord of the rings soundtrack stuck in my head, i love that one. la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la (you can't hear my voice but i am singing it right now too...). for those of you who go to glenn, there is a meeting about the musical for this year at 4:30 in the darryl bryant room- please come, we need your input! (look at me, a walking advertisment) went to the club w/ nana and pop pop, they are back from panama city. yumm carrot cake. the guy who played dumbledore in the movies, richard harris, died. that is sad, and who are they gonna get to be dumbledore now??? ahh! the 2nd one comes out nov. 15 and yes, the two towers comes out dec. 18 if i am correct. i am wearing my comfy leopard pants. i think i will wear them to youth tonight. good luck to mollie at her concert! should be awesome. i think i am going to use designer babies as my topic for my citizenship issue thing. yep yep. ok i am babbling a bit now so g'bye and email me. to all you college folk, i will write you "real mail" soon.
peace dudes!!! (like the stoner hippie dude said last night haha)

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