Friday, September 27, 2002

9:51 pm
j.r.r. tolkien is such a genius!!! yowza. today, especially tonight was fun, because the boys are both gone (dad outta town at college alum thing and bro at a sleepover) and mom and i went out to panera for dinner. tres yum. then we went to chapter 11 and browsed, then to tj maxx but the electricity went off! so we had to find each other in the dark and then we left because of course there is no point shopping when it is totally dark inside. then we drove to brusters and got ice cream... they give you sooo much there, i wasn't able to finish it so it is upstairs in the freezer. then we watched "lord of the rings". can't wait til the 2nd one comes out, but i especially can't wait for the 3rd because the book is soooo excellent. also looking forward to the chamber of secrets in november. today is em's birthday... i think she deserves a bag of peppermint patties. hehe.

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