Monday, September 16, 2002

9:35 pm
HOI~~~ (that's a sillily bad british accent "hi" by the way)
yyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn majorly, and i could go on with that, but i won't because you get the point. maybe several of you have taken up the call of teenagers extremely bogged down by homework who want to go to sleep-- YAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN. they're contagious, ya know. i have an announcement to make at this time also: ***BEWARE. PEPPERMINT PATTIES CAN BECOME ADDICTIVE. I REPEAT, BEWARE.***
i have recently found this fact out, by packing several in my non-cafeteria lunch everyday as well as eating them for snacks and desserts at other times also. the little devils. ah, but yummy ones. heeeheehee okaaay i think clairey really needs her sleep. and her pictures that dad is supposed to be getting from cvs right about... NOW. ok i have wasted enough of my sleeping time on this thing and once more i haven't even finished my citizenship (dang that busy work) so g'bye dahlings.

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