Saturday, September 14, 2002

9:26 pm
yes, i know, we're not supposed to be here at home because we're supposed to be camping. ha ha. well we WERE camping but then it rained and rained and rained (which is good i guess since we all need the rain but STILL it could have waited til a weekday when we were in SCHOOL!!!!) all day today so we decided to come back early. and i guess i'm glad we did because it was pretty nasty after i slipped in the mud and had to ride the 2 1/2 hour drive home like that. i still need to shower. which i will do soon. but anyways, besides the rain, it was fun, and even with the rain it was fun! we (meaning me, allie, addy, megs, emmy, and laura sometimes) went wading in the creek and got totally, completely soaked (:D), and spent time in laura's and megs' cars (where laura and emily went extremely BESERK on us) while it was raining really hard. it was fun just hanging out. it rained on and off all day. and we had salmon for dinner (YUM!). but then the sky just really opened up around 6:15 and like 20 kids got in the gazebo-like thing that laura's fam brought and it was leaking a bit so we all made a run for the vinson's excursion but their mom said no so we ran back to the gazebo, splashing mud all the way, and then started to run to megan's car, but then we decided to leave. oh well. but maybe it was for the best because it was really rainy and some people were staying (like megs and laura) but now i get to sleep in my own dry bed and be nice and clean and go to church and sing tomorrow and get homework done (yippee) and go to potluck and choir and not be too tired from getting home tomorrow. because i'm already home! yawn. ok bye. --clairey

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