Sunday, September 08, 2002

9:20 pm
yo dudes. got back from youth awhile ago. it was a lotta fun, although i can say that i CANNOT wait til after christmas to be a part of senior high. i love my junior highers but i just really really really need to go up. but i love my youth group. it rocks my face off. :) tomorrow is LN's birthday!!!! YAY! :-D and i have french club early and writing club late. and then tuesday is a cross country meet and maybe the 9/11 memorial service at dhhs that i might try to go to. then wednesday is of course 9/11 and also the beginning of wed. night supper. there is a candlelight service for 9/11 so i want to go to that. crazy that it has been a year. 52 weeks ago today we sang in church and the 3rd graders got their bibles (just like today) and me and laura created "trees R people 2!" ha ha. fall camping is this weekend, i am psyched! yahoo! hm. i am going to print my "terrorism-9/11" essay on here on wednesday. seriously, it seems just like yesterday. oh, and for those of you who pray (and for those of you who don't even), PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for george bush and his sanity and our lives and iraq and stuff. DO NOT BOMB IRAQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot say that enough. it is just stupid and it is putting all our lives in jeopardy and blah blah blah and all our allies are backing out of this one and george bush is just stupid stupid stupid. he has no sense in the matter. if any of y'all live in washington, d.c., will you please go to the white house and tell him that he is losing his mind. thank you, i would appreciate it. just tell him to look at this website or something. not that he'll pay much attention-- last year i sent him a letter about pollution or something and he sent me back one about reading. HA! he should read more. okay there is my rant of the day-- lemme restate it just for those of you who didn't get it the first time-- DO NOT BOMB IRAQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooner or later saddam hussein will die anyways. okay i will stop now. time for peaceful clairey sleep... since i am done w/ my bio homework! YAY! --clarice :)

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