Monday, September 09, 2002

5:31 pm
hii. yawn. today was an okay day, it was sort of long and i'm glad that tomorrow is brand new. :) french club this morning, drove w/ paul and julia to school... we are having a movie night friday after next. should be fun. la de da de da. soooo also-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLENY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D yay! and mary's bday is on thursday too. i went to writing club after school and yeah there was kind of an anthrax scare at the college near my school so at first the meeting was going to be cancelled but then they said it was no big deal so we stayed and had it. i read my "9/11" piece. tonight mom has some friends coming over which is nice because i love her friends. and FALL CAMPING is THIS WEEKEND! YAY! happiness. i am dying for some cooler air. i loooooove the atmosphere up there, i think that is another one of my heavens. for those of you who don't know, my other one is on the golf course on the 4th of july with all my friends and family on a picnic blanket, in the lull between eating and waiting for it to get dark for fireworks, and this huge green space and all these little kids (mes cousins included) running around... it's wonderful. yeah okay ahhhhhhhhh i almost burned my cookies because i'm all the way downstairs and the oven is upstairs and i forgot about them until i smelled them. so they're out now. tomorrow ellen is probably coming home w/ me and then we are racing up to sms to maybe see ms. logsdon if she's there and also to watch the awesomely excellent cross country meet which is always a blast. i am going to leave now so peace and please do be peaceful. we need more of it. and we need more sanity in our government (JEEZ! since when have i become so government crazy? since george bush wanted to bomb iraq! or maybe since he was elected... hm) --clairee

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