Thursday, September 05, 2002

4:40 pm
tomorrow is friday! which means the day after that is saturday, good neighbor day! which means the day after that is sunday, youth and choir and church and lunch day! reminder to self-- call wes tonight about singing on good neighbor day... also chris m. maybe about where to meet and stuff. yeahhh. hm. i have "pop" stuck in my head by n'sync. i have no idea why since i don't really like n'sync. oh, by the way, if you live in a cave with no tv or newspaper or radio or something- kelly won "american idol". not like i really, really care, but it was a given anyways. justin is semi-cute (except he majorly needs to lose the afro), but kelly just has the better voice. okay enough about american idol which i never watched this summer anyways, just last night because it was entertaining. so anyway. today was breakfast club and i came a little late because today was just not our day as far as traffic goes, getting all the green lights, etc. but molls was there (yay!), buffy, daniel, reid, and paul and becca! and eric and laura. i got a sausage biscuit and a hot chocolate. yumm. then i left and of course went to school. which was fine... pretty okay... tiring. but good. i've noticed that i say "anyways" a lot when i am blogging. you've all probably noticed that before now since you really read this blog more than i do... heck, i just write it. can you tell i'm sort of in a sarcastic, cynical mood? i guess we all have our days. i am just glad that tomrrow is FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDAY! the only downside? we have to wear STUPID STUPID STUPID uniforms! jeez i think that is so stupid. remind me (someone) to explain the reasons (believe me, i have several that will keep you reading for awhile) WHY i think we should not have uniforms. one of them being that our new superintendent (and i realized that i have been spelling that wrong the whole time too-- whoops) has just barged in here, thinking he knows us well enough to tell us to wear uniforms. hah. silly person. ~the one, the only ME (if you don't know who "ME" is, tough luck)

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