Wednesday, September 18, 2002

4:36 pm
ok i need to talk about yesterday first. anyway, me and lizzie walked down to sms for the cross country meet and we got to see that and then i was standing at the finish line with alex and i said "i really want it to rain after the meet so i can walk home in the rain" and then after it was over, it started raining!!!! hee hee. i have magical powers, haha. so me and lizzie and hannah walked to my house and got soaked in the process and then melissa left and me and hannah made hot chocolate and wished it was a weekend. it was fun. but then i stayed up late doing work. today was a pretty ordinary day ("just a day, just a day, just an... ordinary da-ay" vanessa carlton)... a typical wednesday. had a french exam but it wasn't that tough. sub in biology, i have workbok pgs. to finish. tonight is WNS and then we have to leave a little bit early because tonight is also class night at school where we go and talk about homecoming floats and such. it'll be interesting. tomorrow morning i have a 7 AM pat appt... AHHH!!! tooooooo early. but then breakfast club. ooh... glenn JEOPARDY? (sorry, reading e-newsletter- hmm) la deee daaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa i cannot wait for pumpkins! twill be a great blast of fun and fall coming our way. peace out dudes and dudettes and dudinas. yepppppp --clarice

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